Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Story: Part 1

Merry Christmas! We had the best first Christmas together, with lots of visitors, family & friends!

We kicked off Christmas on Sunday with the Christmas pageant at Church and the arrival of my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins from Houston.

Christmas week continued with a combined Kelly birthday and Whittaker Christmas celebration on Monday night. After a delicious dinner and birthday cake, we exchanged gifts. Now if only we could find those pictures of Kelly modeling her new Snuggie!

On Tuesday, my sister April and her family came into town for a big family spaghetti dinner at my dad's house (18 people in total). Wednesday night was girls night at our house, complete with melted snowmen (my favorite holiday beverage) and the Masonboro Boys at the Gin Mill.

Christmas Eve was spent wrapping a few final gifts, and a quick visit from Santa for Ellie!

We spent the evening at Church and my Yiayia's house, before heading home to tuck the pups into bed before Santa came!

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