Wednesday, October 12, 2011

city livin vs. country life

One of the things that I adore about my husband is his love of homes... real estate browsing, home remodeling, all of it.  On a monthly basis, we exchange MLS links to homes we're interested in.  While our next home is certainly in the distant future, when the time comes, I have a feeling we'll both have a strong idea of what we want.

However, we do occasionally drift over to the 'what-if' of country living.  We both realize that you pay a premium for living close to town, and those old, walkable, convenient neighborhoods just so happen to be the ones that we love... and are out of our price range.

Then I stumble upon this dream home, and I start to wonder about moving out of town.  Seriously.  I love everything about this house... except that it is located in Monroe.

But then I look at this house again, and think I could suck it up for those floors and windows and fireplaces... And the unpictured cottage with separate living quarters on the property.  Oh, and the fact that it is priced only slightly above our current mortgage.

So what do you think?  Would you manage an hour commute to work (each way) and the hassles of living in a small town for an amazing (in price and detail) historical home?  Or would you keep the convenience of city living? 



  1. Wow. That house is stunning. I think I could give up the city life for a house like that.

  2. This is simple. MOVE for that kind of house!!!

  3. If you move to Monroe I know a chiropractor who would love to see you!

  4. For that beautiful home, Ide think ide manage the commute......Its gorgeous......I think something would have to be done with that wall paper though...........LOL....Stop by and say hi if ya get time.........Bonnie