Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living Room Love

This is my favorite living room inspiration... I don't think I could find a single thing to change in the design! The mix of colors and patterns is just flawless... and maintains such an elegant, traditional look without feeling stuffy.

{image via ?}

I'd love to copy the dramatic yellow curtains, but don't think our current living room would allow me to pull it off. I've kind of been obsessed since I saw this room by Julianne Moore in Domino.

I wonder if the same idea could be created with these curtains from ikea? It's hard to tell, without seeing them in person, whether they have the same boldness as the others. I feel like the look only works with a nice, bright yellow.

I'd love to have these in a living room with big, open windows... that was mine, of course!

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  1. I just bought these curtains (in white) last weekend for our bedroom! They are heavy enough to hang nicely but still let some light through. They are long too which is great. I hung them really high, practically against the ceiling and have plenty of fabric left to hem.

    My mom bought some as well and I think she hung them in Jenny's room if you want to see them in person before you buy them.