Friday, January 22, 2010

To File for the Future

I'm going to chalk it up to all the new or expecting mothers on my favorite blogs… But lately I have been seriously diggin’ some nursery designs. I love it when rooms don’t have a distinctive ‘hey a kid lives here’ look… No thank you to a matching set of pink, flowered, child-sized furniture.

So needless to say, I’ve been loving these rooms.

{image via ?}

This room is so sweet for a little girl, but it avoids being overly 'cutesy.' Don't you love the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard in the narrow hall? And, of course, the bed and chandelier.


{image via Angie Hranowsky}

A lot of the rooms use neutral wall colors, and avoid pastel pink and blue for the color scheme... I love the window treatments in this one. Plus the daybed with the cribe (you can just see it in the corner here, but it is beautiful and functional)

{image via Martha Stewart Living}

I've seen a ton of vintage prints like these airplanes, and love the idea! They are usually pretty affordable, especially the ones on Etsy. (on another note, definitely check out the entire NYC apartment at the Martha Stewart link... proof that kid-friendly is still stylish)

{images via Desire to Inspire}

The boys' room is one of my favorites, because of all the bold pieces of furniture along with the little table.

{images via The Estate of Things> & design by Rhoney Design}

Love this nursery! I am especially loving the use of a vintage dresser for a changing table. Then it can be reused in the room, as the little one gets older.

Erika's nursery on Urban Grace has a similar look with a table repurposed from her dining room... Definitely a must to check out! The colors and fabric for the crib are stunning. I could keep raving about every detail in this one, so be sure to take a look.

Disclaimer: To my mom, this post is in no way an indication of announcements to come.

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