Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Many of you may have seen these images before, since I think the remodel is from a 2008 Cottage Living... but I've been trying to sell Jeff on the idea recently.

Our kitchen has relatively new cabinets and granite counter tops, so I'd like to just incorporate the idea of raising our top cabinets, adding molding, and adding the lower open shelving.  For anyone debating the open shelving issue, which I have in the past, the Newlywed Diaries posted about the practicality of open shelving a few months ago.  And I am officially sold!

I showed Jeff these images, and he immediately asked about the microwave.  Ours is currently living above the oven, and I knew, without even asking, that going without one would be vetoed.

Then I did a little sleuthing (okay, so I just googled once and this was the first result link) for the rest of this amazing kitchen redo!

And here is the microwave!  ...above the refrigerator?!  Not sure if that would work for us, since we tend to use ours for reheating leftovers on a weekly basis.  Could you still have it above the stove?

I also love the two-toned cabinets, which Two Ellie recently did... But I'd really have to do a lot of convincing to paint cabinets that are practically new!

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, I think that raising the current cabinets and adding the open shelving would provide some amazing additional kitchen storage!  And get some of the items out of our guest bedroom closet and into the room where we actually use them!

What do you think?  Maybe a fun weekend project for the Whittakers?  Microwave thoughts?  Now to convince the husband...


  1. love this idea, C. my parents are trying to figure out what to do with their kitchen... and are in a very similar situation. this is a neat idea i've never seen before... i sent it along! ;)

    not sure about the microwave either... curious to what idea others would have.

  2. I love the 2-tone cabinets, the white and gray look great together. I also like it when people to white and black. It is nice to have the lower cabinets painted in a darker color to avoid finger prints when the little ones come along. As for the microwave, you should get rid of it! Eating anything that comes out of the microwave isn't healthy because of the way it cooks your food so fast. We gave up our microwave a year ago and I honestly don't miss it at all and I have lost weight. I find that I have to be more patient when I reheat leftovers so I think more about what I am eating.

  3. Get rid of your microwave. The molecular structure of the food is changed to destroy all nutrients and form radiolytic compounds which poison and kill you.
    Eating poor quality food makes you obese.
    Microwaves are banned in some countries.
    Standing in front of a microwave affects the cells in your body. They all leak microwaves into the atmosphere.

    Don't believe me. Google it for yourself.

    Get a convection oven and be healthy. Even better, start a raw vegan lifestyle and be the best you
    can be.