Monday, October 4, 2010


Hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I was Atlanta-bound for some much needed girl time with my college roommates!  Lindsey and her husband are temporarily in the city as part of his medical school residency.

I took the afternoon off work on Friday in an attempt to beat the Atlanta traffic.  Although I hadn't been to the city since middle school, I'd heard the stories of rush hour (and wanted no part of it).  Well now I have seen it... and it was quite a scene!  Fortunately, I caught just the beginning of it...  And Lindsey and I were able to enjoy an amazing dinner outside at Hearth.  It reminded me so much of Brixx, but I have to admit that I liked the pizza more!

Then we headed to the airport to pick up Kaylie... in from Wilmington!  There is always so much to catch up on with one another, so we used the rest of the night to do just that.

Shiva, almost straight off the plane from her Europe trip, took the red-eye from San Francisco.  It was like Christmas... We went to bed that night, and when we woke up we found Shiva in the living room, wrapped in a UNC snuggie!

Saturday was a wonderful slow start... Lindsey cooked us a delicious breakfast, we chatted, looked at Europe pictures... and read What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Why?  Because Lindsey is expecting!!  I couldn't be happier for Linds & Nick!  They will be incredible parents, and this weekend was the perfect way for all of us girls to help them celebrate the exciting news!

{cupcakes from Polka Dots Bake Shop}

After a relaxing morning, we headed to the cutest Atlanta neighborhood, Virginia Highland.  We browsed shops (organic baby ones included!) and had a delicious late lunch at Murphy's.

{picture from Kaylie}

{further proof that I cannot take a good picture... keep those eyes open!}

The day rounded out with a driving tour of downtown Atlanta, the Olympic Park, and Buckhead.  Finally, we grabbed a late dinner with Nick in Buckhead at Twist

It was such a perfect, fun weekend!  It reminded me so much of college afternoons spent lounging around the house together, watching tv in sweats and chatting.  These days I just soak in every second I get with my Carolina girls!  I'm grateful to have such beautiful, smart, amazing friends to go through life with... and now to celebrate parenthood with!


  1. I hate Atlanta traffic (my parents live there so unfortunately we have to deal with it often) but I love Murphy's! Glad you had such a nice weekend and congratulations to Lindsey.

  2. Yay Lindsey!!! So excited for them. And so glad you had a good time with the girls! :)

  3. Whoa Atlanta looks way cooler than I imagined it! I definitely pictured all Real Housewives and not so much organic baby shops. I'll have to convince Alex to drive down there to visit (though I'm sure I'll have to wait until we have a reward night...) Happy you had fun and congrats to Lindsey too!