Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Project Updates: Living Room

As I mentioned last week, I've been behind in posting all of our before & afters from the spring project marathon a couple months ago.  We've continued to make small and large tweaks to our living room.  In our ranch home, it's the room you walk straight into from the front door.  And the room where we spend the majority of our time.  So I think it feels extra important to me to get it right.

Check out our house tour button (still in progress) to see the earliest 'before' shots of our living room... It's thankfully come along way!

And for a glimpse into the most recent 'before'...

And After....

Not really a huge difference, but we just wanted to declutter and make the room feel more open.  So we swapped out the yellow love seat for a wing back chair we already owned.  Eventually, I'd like to get an off-white chair to replace it with, just to break up the blue tones by the new ottoman. 

We also moved out the bookshelf and flanked the tv console with two gray ottomans, also already owned.  They're perfect for extra seating!  We had my family over a few weeks ago, and everyone had a seat in the living room.

We also took the speakers off stands (finally!) and added some new artwork to the wall (post to come!)  I also splurged a lot a little and had the tufted ottoman made with my new favorite fabric.  It's on casters, which makes it perfect for when Jeff wants to pull it over to put his feet up & watch tv or when we put a tray on top to double as a coffee table.

Up next:  Hopefully mounting the tv to the wall (to level it with the frames), painting the tv console & swapping out the knobs, styling the mantel and finding a new side table...


  1. I love the double recliner. Your husband has great taste. :) Seriously, you have a great eye for creating asthetically pleasing rooms. Everything goes together and you can and should charge for your expertise. Beautiful.

  2. I have just run across your blog your home is adorable! I would like to know where you purchased your brown leather chairs in your living room? And could they be recliners?? I have been shopping and surfing all over my little city to no avail!

  3. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, we received the brown leather chairs from my husband's office (they moved to a new location & we got them for free!) I couldn't find who makes them, but they are not reclining (much to my husband's disappointment!)