Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent Finds

Despite my break from blogging, I've still been browsing the thrift shops this summer.  A few of my favorite finds at the moment...

A ceramic animal head at Salvation Army for $4.99.  I know, I know... It doesn't exactly scream chic (it's a little more southwestern now), but I think a few coats of high gloss white spray paint would have it back in shape.  And it was 5 bucks, who could say no to that?

And I've been seeing these everywhere recently, from West Elm ($20-$150) to Pinterest...



I must admit that my first thought was how I'd love to put this in a baby boy's nursery.  Then my second thought was, too creepy for babies?  Pinterest to the rescue again...



Definitely used in nurseries before, so maybe not as creepy?  Jury is still out on this one...

Moving on.  I also found these framed puzzle pieces of North & South Carolina for less than $10.  I thought they looked vintage and fun.  Still deciding on whether the frame should get a bright coat of paint... Maybe orange?

Hoping to hit a few of my favorite spots this weekend to add more finds to the list...  Happy Friday!

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  1. ummm I would go with the puzzles in the nursery...the skull in the sunroom! Paint it GOLD! SO glad WW is back!! xoxoxoxox