Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now & Then

Now:  This past weekend, I headed to the beach with the amazing group of girls I went to high school (and most of them, middle school) with!  I absolutely love that it felt like we hadn't missed a single day, and I love that there was no 'occassion' - just a fun-filled girls weekend at the beach!

I picked up Hannah bright & early on Friday morning, and we made it to the beach in time to enjoy lunch with Christine and Megan (in from Raleigh) and Renee (in from Atlanta).  We packed up the golf cart with chairs & our cooler and headed to the beach... until 7:30!

Keeley & Erin made it into town about the same time we were leaving the beach... and just in time for pre-dinner drinks!  We had a delicious casserole (thanks Megan!) for a late dinner, and of course spent quality time around the kitchen table chatting away.

{This may have been when we were sharing favorite middle school and high school stories of each other}


Saturday morning we were up for breakfast casserole (I'm planning to post the recipe later this week, since I combined a few recipes I'd used before, and I think it came out pretty well!) and an early day at the beach.

We spent all day relaxing beach-side... Even running into a friend from the afternoon before.  His name was Skippy, and I'm not sure if we loved him or his 80+ year old dad more!  His dad told us that Skippy is his 'chick magnet' and apparently Skippy works!

Saturday night was more drinks and another delicious dinner (jambalaya provided by a NOLA native, Renee!)  Not to mention the fried green tomato appetizers that Christine whipped up... amazing!  Anyone else see the weekend themes here?


I have to admit that Monday was a hard fall to reality after such a fun weekend!  I feel so fortunate to have friends who I've known forever and still love spending time with!  I second the idea to make this an annual trip... Sorry boys, girls-only.

Oh and, of course, in keeping with this post's title...
And Then:

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