Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YHL Kick

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been trying to make all our rooms feel fresh, uncluttered, and bright.  I'm calling it my Young House Love kick.

The guest bedroom couldn't escape.  With most of our immediate family in town, the room doesn't get much use... Making it the prime spot for us to throw things when we don't have a place for them right away. 

Example:  Jeff's younger sister came by a few weeks ago to browse through our expanding Goodwill pile.  She left with a side table, a nightstand, a set of curtains, 3 throw pillows, a wall clock, and an area rug.  All of which had taken over any available floor space in the room.  We are so thankful she has a place for everything in her college house this year!  (Although seeing it all loaded up made me feel slightly like a hoarder)

With the room cleaned out, we were able to get the space ready for our guests... Notice the beverage cart from the kitchen is now a nightstand.  Jeff is slowly getting used to my love for moving things around.  I kind of like the look in here, and the cart was too much for the small space in our kitchen.

This room is full of hand-me-down furniture... The bed is from Jeff's parents, the duvet set is mine from before we were married, and the beverage cart & lamp are from each set of my grandparents.

I love Amy's thoughts on keeping a guest room uncluttered.  Unfortunately, we have storage issues in the house and use this china hutch (also from Jeff's parents) to help us store our fine china and serving pieces.  I try to keep it as easy on the eyes as possible, since it has to be in the room.

Finally we have Jeff's old dresser in the room for out of season clothing storage as well as kitchen towels, place mats, etc.  I absolutely love this dresser, and I really hope to have it refinished one day.

You can notice our skinny, high windows here... We're hoping they'll go when we eventually remodel the front of the house.  I'm waiting until then to add some curtains to the room as well.

So now you've seen almost every room in our house... well, how they look for now at least!

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