Tuesday, May 3, 2011

6 Years & Counting

I've been feeling a little sentimental lately, and last night started sifting through the box where I keep little mementos from the beginning of our relationship... a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball card from a game we attended, a John Legend concert ticket from one of our first dates (one of my favorite stories now is how a couple beside us at dinner that night asked if we were married)

I also found a wedding program from April 30, 2005.  Jeff & I had known each other for a long time, and I had a huge crush on him from middle school on... asking my friend Erin (her older brother just happened to be friends with Jeff) all about him and dragging my college roommates to the parties at his house.  At one point, we even went on a double date while we were dating other people. 

But Jeff called me the day after that wedding and asked me out on a date... Making it 6 years that my sweet hubby and I have been together.

{at Jeff's college house on McDade, my junior year & his senior year}

{Top of the Hill}

{Pittsburgh, while Jeff was in grad school}

{my college graduation dinner at La Rez}

{moments after getting engaged at Pops in the Park on July 4, 2008}

And now here we are... six years later and ready to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary in less than two weeks!

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