Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finding Your Style

I came across this quiz last night on Young House Love (one of my new design blog obsessions). It was fun to see how our design styles compared to each other - Surprisingly, very similar!

Mine was the Loft Style. I mostly agree... Except for fashion-drive. Um, has anyone seen my closet? But pets, kids and practicality get a big yes!

Jeff's style was Estate, which happened to be my runner-up. I love that they provide you with your second-place style too. This one I totally see as our style, with our shared love of old, bungalow style homes and vintage/estate/loved (much nicer than saying used) furniture finds.

Not to mention that 'robust outdoor life' totally gets Jeff.

Click here to find out what your design style is at the Ethan Allen website! What were your styles?

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