Monday, November 16, 2009

Let It All Hang Out

Has anyone tried open bathroom shelving before? I was inspired after seeing this post on Young House Love.

I mentioned the idea to Jeff, and the next day I came home from work to a missing linen closet door! We have a fairly small bathroom, and the closet door opens to block the shower - so we love the space-saving solution. For right now, we're giving it a little test run and keeping an eye out for discount wicker baskets.

I wonder how long we could actually keep the shelves looking like this?

{all images via Young House Love}


  1. I love it!!

    TJ Maxx & Marshalls sometimes have the wicker baskets at a pretty good price!

  2. I know you and you could definitely keep the open shelves looking neat and tidy. I also really like the look of stacked or rolled up bath towels. Go for it!