Friday, May 28, 2010


We're beach-bound for the long Memorial Day weekend!  I actually owe a huge thank you to all of our wonderful, understanding friends... We were originally set to spend the weekend at my dad's beach house, but there was apparently a miscommunication between him & the other part-owner (a very good friend of my dad's who lives in Apex, NC).  To make a long story short, the house was rented by the part-owner for the weekend as well.... and we got bumped.

Fortunately, every one has taken it in stride, and we ended up getting an amazing house on Edisto Island.  Added bonus:  the house is much larger, and we each get our own bedroom! 

But, I still feel terrible... And what does a Greek girl do when she feels terrible?  Makes it up with food.  And a trip to CostCo.

We're departing early tomorrow morning, giving me just enough time to spend this evening whipping up a few meal items and sweet treats to say 'we're sorry' with calories!

Can't wait for a nice, long weekend of fun (and hopefully forgiveness for last-minute plan switching) with friends!

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  1. Don't even worry about it Catherine!! Can't wait to drink margaritas and eat all the treats you are making! Woohoo for beach time!! :)