Monday, June 14, 2010

My College Life

We had my college roommates in town over this past weekend... And it was too much fun!  I apparently thought that college roomies meant college-style celebrating. Unfortunately, recovery is a little harder these days than in the Creel Street house!

On Friday night, we headed to Arooji's for dinner with Shiva & Brian, her family, and Sarah & Ryan. I have to highly recommend the salmon piccata with the shirazi salad on the side. After Shiva’s dad, Steve, generously filled our glasses, we headed over to Brazwells, and remarkably, we made it all the way until last call!

Saturday morning, Lindsey, Kaylie & I hit the Flying Biscuit for breakfast. It opened pretty recently in the shopping center down the street from us, and I’ve really wanted to try it. We had a nice, leisurely breakfast then headed over to Sarah's for a pre-concert cookout.

Wine-spritzers, as Kaylie points out, are not just for old ladies. We topped our white wine off with some club soda and orange mango Italian soda… and lots of ice to deal with the 95 degree weather! Beverages and World Cup watching began around 2, followed by grilling out, then a processional back to our house for those not attending the Phoenix concert.

fully endorsing Shiva & Brian's relationship

Some more Charlotte friends joined me, Jeff & the roomies back at our house for the rest of the night. Hopefully it bumped the Queen City up on Lindsey’s future home list!

Sunday morning was spent in recovery mode, but we did manage to get going in time to try Yoforia on Selwyn. Hmmm… This pattern of food and drinks also looks strikingly similar to our college days!

I’m so glad that Lindsey, Kaylie, and Shiva were able to come in town for the weekend! It’s amazing, but when we all get together it feels like not a day has passed!

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  1. Just like a big college reunion, eh? My roommates from college also come to my house every year and we spend a day eating and drinking till morning. But that was before I got married. Now a barbecue and a few beers is the way to party.