Friday, August 27, 2010


My birthday is 3 weeks from yesterday… not that I’m dreading it counting or anything. We are hosting an engagement party that weekend, but are also hoping to find time to have a mini-mountain-get-away to celebrate (I know, like we really need more travel!)

But just in case we don’t and you find yourself looking for present ideas (hint-hint to the hubs), I am currently loving…

Cord Toms in plum… perfect for fall feet.

Garmin Forerunner… I might not be going far (yet) but I love the reviews for this and my non-working iPhone apps just aren’t cutting it.

Oh, and I'll also take one of these iPhone arm bands.

Nikon D40 was going to be a list addition… Then I googled it… and looked at the prices for a refurbished camera… and realized I could never own one and be married to Jeff.

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