Thursday, September 30, 2010

Someday Sunroom

We have been seriously reviewing the budget, trying to find a way to squeeze in our sunroom addition. This summer certainly turned out to be incredibly fun, but not budget friendly (although we're not complaining, with San Francisco, New York, and multiple beach trips).  However, all of our travels, fun, and a certain Mr.’s boat projects, have delayed our long-awaited sunroom addition.

One point of contention in the household is the purpose of said sunroom. I’d like it to function as a sitting area and office. I just feel like we would use the space more, if we could be connected to the main living area of the house while we blog and check fantasy football work. As a bonus, we would have a second extra bedroom – which I have heard looks great when we (eventually) put the house on the market to sell. Jeff, on the other hand, doesn’t like the idea of the computer sitting in a room full of windows.

Nevertheless, I have not been able to control my impulsive online browsing for new ideas for a sunroom that functions as a living area and office space. I absolutely love the Matters of Style sawhorse desk Ikea hack. I think that a glass top desk in the room would keep it from being too visually imposing, and look great with all the natural light.

Plus I adore how they spray painted legs for a brass look!  I'd pair the desk with this Craigslist chair, reupholstered in this fabric.

Then I would love to find a campaign chest, like this one on Atlanta’s Craigslist, to make up for all the lost storage when we eliminate desk drawers. And you’d have the perfect location for your printer.

To keep things from feeling too stuffy, I would add a wide striped rug and the Ikea Lack bookcase.

We already have a couch (oops) for the room... So couch, plus Ikea hack desk with 'brass legs,' and... 

Makes for a very happy Whittaker sunroom! 

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