Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shelving Dilemma

What is it about spring that makes you want to grab that to-do list and get it all done?  For me, that to-do list mostly includes rearranging furniture and painting everything I can get my hands on!

I mentioned before that Sarah came by a few weeks ago to offer some suggestions on a few 'problem' spots in the house.  One of the the places I've struggled with the most is our TV wall. 

The space has looked like this since we've been married, and I've never felt 100% satisfied with it.  Mostly because I can't stand the unbalanced look of a bookshelf on one side and then nothing on the other.  I could hardly contain my excitement when Sarah suggested achieving some symmetry with built-in bookshelves around a TV stand.

Unfortunately, the hubs has vetoed this one.  Apparently, he is not game for adding the built-ins and shifting down the off-center windows behind the couch.

So now I'm considering adding another leaning shelf to achieve a similar look.  I did a quick mock-up of the idea... And would also consider adding a pretty linen skirt to cover the TV stand.  Thoughts?

I just can't get too excited about the double leaning shelves for some reason... If it were built-ins or even a pair of Lack shelves, I'd be running out today to get started!  But this just doesn't do it for me.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if I want to eliminate the great storage that comes with shelves flanking the TV stand (especially when we're looking for places to stash toys down the road).

What do you think?  Go for the leaning shelves, or keep brainstorming for that problem corner?


  1. Speaking from personal, the idea of built-ins is much more attractive than actually having them. Reason being is that you can't move them or create exactly what you want with them ever time you feel like redecorating. Once they are there, you are basically stuck with them. It makes it hard to design a room as your tastes and desires for a new layout change. Basically that one wall would always be shelving unless you decided to rip them out when you were tired of them.

  2. So...thinking of stashing toys, huh? I had a dream you were pregnant! Is my ESP working right? xoxoxo:)

  3. I hope it is April!!! :) XOXO to you both!