Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Two

So yesterday I mentioned my TV wall dilemma, and this morning I found two incredibly timely posts to consider...
As if we were reading each other's minds, Jenny posted this:

Her own swoon-worthy TV wall... Storage cabinets with a skirted stand in between... And most importantly, it looks like her cabinet also comes out over a window.

While this is totally do-able in her open, loft-style New York apartment, would it work in our small, not-so-open North Carolina house? 

An option that would undoubtedly work in our space, despite the lack of storage options, is this incredible idea from Brooklyn Limestone:

I just adore the simple, uncluttered feel.  And right now, I'm leaning toward this idea... with the thought that we can always add cabinets or bookcases down the road when storage becomes an issue.

As my professor said last night, there are times when you just have to commit and go with it!

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