Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decision 2011

I bought a couple of paint samples for the sunroom... Okay, five.  But I'd highly recommend the process.  I generally just tape a paint card to the wall and go from there.  However, with my recent itch to change the wall colors in our house (yes, almost all of them), I decided repainting for a third time would most likely be out of the question.  So I better get it right!

Here is the line-up...

And while these two were cut pretty quickly, I think the color on the left will be the perfect smokey blue for our bedroom!

Despite all the choices & my general lack of decision-making, the winner was easy to spot!  Granted, I still need husband approval, but my vote is with Chantilly Lace (color furthest to the left in the top picture).

It's a little hard to see on the primer, because it's a crisp white.  I've been thinking about white walls since last summer... And all the bright windows in this space have me even more excited about the choice.  Plus I think white would look incredible with the dark floors I'm currently begging for...

{source unknown}

Can't wait to get the paint and trim up this weekend!

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