Monday, June 7, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

I'm back from another fun-filled beach trip!  We spent the weekend celebrating my sweet sister-in-law Kelly's final days of freedom singledom.

My other sweet sister-in-law, Laura, rode down with me on Friday afternoon.  We made it into the area around dinner time... so a stop at Johnson Creek Tavern was a must!  It is the closest restaurant to Fripp Island, and - fortunately - is also a family favorite with delicious seafood, fried pickles, and hush puppies.

The rest of girls arrived later that evening, and we enjoyed some wine while settling into the house.  On Saturday morning, several of the girls organized the absolute cutest lingerie shower I have ever seen!  Seriously.

The theme was 'bootylicious,' with all of the food, drinks, music, & games tying into the theme!  For example, there was 'Fruity Patootie Booty Fruit Salad' and 'Pink Pantie Punch'...  And of course, this unforgettable cake:

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging on the beach, enjoying another delicious meal in Beaufort, and getting in lots of chatting & story-telling at the house!

Hopefully Kelly enjoyed her last fling before the ring... Now the countdown to their big day begins!

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