Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keep It Fresh

It is no secret that I love all things older… Milk glass? Yes please. Vintage, antique pieces? Umm, who would say no to that?

And my home decorating style really reflects my love for the old and the traditional. My biggest challenge is how to avoid being a twenty-something with a house that looks like it belongs to an eighty-something.

I feel like Jenny does an outstanding job of striking this balance. Here are my non-professional thoughts on what makes it work:

Bold Colors
A punch of color really goes a long way in making a traditional room feel younger.

{via Domino}

{via Little Green Notebook}

Lucite Accents
I love, love, love this Lucite coffee table from CB2… And still wonder if it would’ve been perfect for our living room. I’m going to try to resist for now, but can’t make any promises once we have our sunroom addition.

{via Two Ellie}

Graphic Patterns
Mixing in throw pillows with graphic patterns, stripes, or bold colors is another small way to add a younger feel to a room.

{via Little Green Notebook}

{via Two Ellie}

Go Wild
After I got over my earlier dilemma on my feelings about animal prints, I've found myself storing tons of images featuring zebra print rugs.  I feel like it adds a little fun to otherwise traditional rooms.  

{via Bryn Alexandra}

{via Cote de Texas}

What do you think?  Do you have any thoughts on how to keep a traditional room feeling young & fresh?


  1. If you're going for young, you could always hang some of Jeff's old UNC championship posters... :)

  2. Pretty artwork and sea grass/sisal rugs with area rugs on top.