Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to school

I've enjoyed an amazing four-week summer break from school... but now it is back to the books!  I'm so excited that one of my courses requires us to keep a blog updated weekly.  Not surprisingly, good ol' Wedded Whittaker does not count!

{image via oh happy day!}

But I will be sharing a new communication and coaching oriented blog, hopefully later this week.  Ever since my course over the summer on the dynamics of personal change, I've been increasingly interested in the power of positive psychology, coaching, and mind/body connection research. 

There is just something about the start of school, cooler weather, and the on-set of fall that leaves me feeling revitalized... Looking forward to a great semester!

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  1. Hey Catherine! One of the groups I'm working with here is the Cliffs Communities' sustainable wellness group. They handle wellness programming consulting for their own company and for other companies, and do research on how wellness initiatives help productivity and quality of life for employees. It's a little tangential to what you're talking about, but if you want resources on the mind/body connection and how it plays out professionally let me know and I'll forward you their info!