Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Shower & Snow Day

Happy Snow Day!  For those of us in Charlotte, it is a rare one... A snow day with snow that actually covers the grass!

Hubby's office is closed for the day, so he snapped a few pictures and has taken the pup out in the elements (which she loves!)

{further proof of why our next project is remodeling the front of our little ranch house}

Backing up to the weekend, the weather fortunately held off long enough to make the trip to Durham for my college roommate's baby shower.  Lindsey is the first one of us to take the plunge into parenthood, and she was absolutely glowing!  Her and her husband's happiness and excitement is so fun to see...  Not to mention all of the other roomies' excitement over the next generation of Tarheels!

The group of girls who threw the shower did such an incredible job!  The food & decorations were perfect, and I should have snapped pictures of the hostess' home... I'm still talking about how perfectly decorated it was (in lots of neutrals with antiques and modern furniture mixed together... total goodness)

More importantly, I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Baby V!

{all shower pictures shamelessly stolen from Kaylie}

Now to shake off this recent bout of baby fever...

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