Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Privacy, Please

Over the past few weeks, we really took notice of the view to be had from our sunroom addition.  In the summer, it would look out to an over-grown, green yard... Unkempt, but necessary to hide our neighbor's yard/house from view.  However, in the winter, bare trees just show...

Yep, a clear shot to our neighbor's home.  Jeff, in typical Whittaker fashion, started to scour Craig's List for privacy fencing.  He found exactly what we needed for free... with a little labor investment.  Jeff responded to a post offering free privacy fencing to anyone who would remove it (boards, posts & all) themselves.  The home owner won since they got rid of unwanted fencing with zero labor, and we saved a few hundred dollars!

Over the weekend, Jeff took a small break from sunroom work to install the fence with his brother (thanks, Michael!)

{progress... fencing up to the right}

And it makes all the difference in our sunroom view!


Now we'll be ready to clear out this over-grown mess, once we get some warmer days!

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