Thursday, January 31, 2013

there was one in the bed...

Rewind to four years ago... when I tossed my husband's king size bed from his bachelor pad days to the curb. And while I still stand by my reasoning (the bed was HUGE for the room), I'm starting to reconsider.

Fast forward to today... Perhaps it's my punishment for walking around these past six months bragging about how well Miss Hazel sleeps... But our sweet little thing is going on 3 weeks of up-and-down evenings. She does, however, sleep like a rock if she's snuggled up in our bed. Which, of course, leaves one of us out on the couch.

So are these sleep-deprived parents now googling sleep training? Nope. A bigger bed? Bingo. {Feel free to subtract points for bad parenting now...}

I'm thinking a patterned upholstered headboard, a la West Elm...


But, of course, DIYed with a budget-friendly fabric from Premier Prints...



Although I must admit that a large part of me still wants to find this gorgeous ikat fabric from Mary Jo's... A year and a half later!

What do you think... When does function trump aesthetics? When does a bed become too large for a room? A post on searching for the world's smallest nightstands may be coming up soon, friends! 

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