Wednesday, August 3, 2011

o fabric where art thou

It's Wednesday, and I'm still recovering from my weekend heartbreak... I headed to Mary Jo's with my sister to scout out some fabric for my bedroom.  I hadn't really intended to even purchase anything, but just start with some ideas.

Then I found exactly what I was looking for... My perfect headboard fabric.

Neutral but with an incredible ikat pattern... just enough to keep you interested, without being overwhelming.

The problem?  The blot only had about 4 yards left on it, and I definitely need at least 6.  I thought I'd come home, google it, and have enough fabric ordered by lunchtime.

Only I  Can you make out the desperation in my tone?  (And ten points to anyone who got the cheesy reference to O Brother, Where Art Thou in my post title)

The fabric vendor is listed as Palette, with the style as Sausalito in the sand colorway.  Any idea on where I can order this from?

I seriously will love you, for like ever, if you know where I can find this...

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  1. just fond your blog...i love mary jo's!!! they can order the fabric for you! all them with the name, manufacturer, etc. and they can pace the order.