Friday, August 5, 2011


Although the weekend trip to Mary Jo's was a bust for me, we picked up some beautiful fabric for a little project at my sister Sarah's boyfriend's house (You can imagine how excited he is to have me and my sister on the prowl to decorate!)

Sarah had the great idea to take the fabric to an alterations shop.  She manages the family dry cleaning business, so she works with one frequently and was able to get a great deal on having two euro sham covers made.  Even if you don't have a relationship with one, I'd definitely suggest checking out an alterations shop as a more budget-friendly option for custom pillows or curtains.

We have a few more projects to work on, hopefully this weekend (pending boyfriend approval, of course).  But here is a quick glimpse:

It's so much fun to help Sarah with these projects, and I absolutely love how the shams came out!  Plus, now her boyfriend and my husband have one more thing to bond over... our love of and their dislike of our decorating (just kidding... I think!)

Happy weekend!

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  1. I love the fabric on the pillows! Such a great idea to look for someone who does alterations.