Wednesday, August 31, 2011

revisiting exteriors

Remember way back when we were discussing an exterior remodel?  That was pushed out with our sunroom addition, but it's become a regular topic of conversation again!

Our thoughts are pretty similar, although we're trying to be a lot a bit more budget conscious.  We're tossing around a project start date of the end of September, but still discussing all the financial considerations.  For now, here is what I'm envisioning...

Adding a front porch with a high roof to break up the straight lines of our long, one-story house:


{I love this idea of a full porch with an open arbor off to the side}

Replacing the two off-center and the two strange, small windows with pretty cottage windows:


Painting (yay!) the exterior in a shade of gray with white trim:



Painting the storm door a pretty Carolina blue and updating with fun house numbers:


 And, of course, lots of landscaping! Now to just get started...

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  1. Hi! just joined your blog! I love these images and entries. They are so charming and is the best way to greet you walking up to your door! Very exciting to plan! Ive been reading through your past posts, and they are really cute.
    see you soon!