Thursday, August 4, 2011

repurposing frames

Over a year ago, I picked up this set of two botanical prints for a whopping $7 at a local estate sale.  I knew immediately that I wasn't going to keep these prints (although, in general, I do love botanicals), but the  frames had great shape & detail.

They took their place in my guest room closet, full of 'potential DIY' projects... For slightly longer than I'd like to admit.  After we completed our sunroom, I realized that our desk area could use some practical improvements.

Enter the frames... I decided to turn them into a chalkboard and bulletin board set.  The project was very much Jeff-approved (aka cheap), coming in at around $20 total, including the original cost of the frames.

I pulled off the backing and took out the artwork and glass.  Then lightly sanded the frames and spray painted them gray.

We purchased an Ikea bulletin board for $4.99, then Jeff used the old glass as a template to measure and cut the piece to fit in the frame.

For the chalkboard, I took the glass and very lightly sanded it, just enough to give it a rough texture.  Then I painted it with chalkboard spray paint (you can find it at Lowe's in the spray paint aisle)  It took about 3 coats, with plenty of drying time in between, to get it completely covered.

We lined the inside lip of both frames generously with superglue, then dropped in the bulletin board and chalkboard pieces.  After letting them dry (frame-side down) overnight, they were ready to hang!

Quick tip:  Per the instructions on the chalkboard spray can, I rubbed a layer of chalk over the entire surface before writing anything on it.  So far, it's held up very well.

This was a quick, cheap and easy project... Not to mention it pulled one more item out of my guest closet.  Doesn't get much better than that!

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