Monday, August 29, 2011

the purple couch returns

One of our to-do list items for this weekend was to move the purple sofa out of the back bedroom.  This sofa has been shuffled around our house, listed on Craigslist and been the topic of much design discussion.

Bottom line:  I'm going back to my previous thought to include it in our sunroom.  Jeff & I set a goal to have the back bedroom cleaned out by this winter, as part of our overall goal to declutter the house.  And this room has plenty to declutter... The purple couch, campaign dresser, bookshelf, tv stand, dual recliner... basically everything but a bed.

Whether the sofa stays in the sunroom or gets listed on Craigslist for the third fourth time is to be decided. While we decide, I'm absolutely loving this inspiration for a purple & coral color palette...


If I go this route, I'm thinking a bright coral for the back of our bookshelf....

And some pretty pillows in a coral ikat pattern, like one of these...



For now (learning from my past mistakes), I'm just going to live awhile with the purple sofa. Do you want it for your house? What do you think?  Purple sofa for the sunroom or Craigslist?

*Update: Vote in our poll on what you think we should do with our purple sofa!

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  1. I love the purple and pink combination room but I think Jeff might not like it!