Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Eye for Art

Around the house, it takes a few 'trial-and-error' rounds to get the look I really want. I'm pretty visual and need to see a piece of furniture/art/shelf arrangement in a particular location for a while before I make up my mind.

This can sometimes be a point of contention in our household… For example, we now have 2 full size couches in a 3-bedroom house.

A less extreme example is our fireplace. We have two pictures hanging side-by-side above our mantel, but I feel like we need a little more substance... Something a little bolder. Any thoughts?

Sorry, but I only had this picture from Halloween on file... Excuse the spiderwebs and gravestones. You can't tell, but the pictures are paintings of flowers in distressed gold frames.

I’d love to get a larger piece of artwork here… A mirror has been mostly nixed in favor of putting one in our entryway. Unfortunately, we don’t own any large pieces of art. Most of our walls have groups of smaller pieces.

In college, this could have been solved with a trip to the poster store on Franklin Street. Now, however, I’m at a loss for where to look for such a piece (without breaking the bank). Does anyone have a go-to place for great art finds? Or do you like the two smaller pictures here?

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  1. Try the Good News Shop in Christ Episcopal Church on Providence Road. Beautiful original art by local artists at reasonable prices (in the $100 to $500 range.)