Friday, February 19, 2010

My Favorite Whittaker

I am in love with a Whittaker who isn't my husband... and won't apologize. At the risk of our blog becoming a shrine to her, I just had to do another post on designer Ashley Whittaker.

I recently realized that TONS of my favorite images (swiped and saved from other blogs) are actually her designs. So I did a little research...

She was named one of Domino Magazine's 2007 'Domino 10: Decorators on the Verge.' She describes herself as 'neo-traditionalist' and made the cover of House Beautiful in February of 2008. To read the entire feature and interview, click here. For the short version, here are a few highlights:

HB: The furniture in the living room and in the family room is all very traditional and comfy-looking, but it has a modern, tailored feel.
AW: The shapes are all rather traditional — the Billy Baldwin–inspired slipper chairs, the tufted ottoman by the fire, the Napoleon III chair covered in turquoise cashmere. It's the fabric that feels young. The bright green striĆ© velvet on the sofa is unexpected and makes it less serious than it is.

HB: Furniture arranging is such a knack, and you've got it. What are your do's and don'ts?
AW: Honestly, I don't even think about fabrics or colors until I have a furniture plan in my mind. It really is the most important aspect of designing a great room. First you want to make sure the room will work for its intended purpose. Living rooms need lots of seating areas and small chairs and upholstered stools to pull around. Family rooms need a comfy sofa and always a big ottoman in place of the coffee table. A good furniture plan means you can have three people in a room or 18, and everyone still has a great time.

And, of course, here is some of her amazing work:

Upper Eastside Apartment:

Downtown Apartment: {remember this wallpaper from Silver Lining? yea, this is Ashley, and it was featured in Domino}
{alternate view of my favorite living room}
Summer Home from House Beautiful:

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