Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vote in the Wedded Whittaker Project Poll!

As much as I love to daydream about living in a Dilworth 1900s bungalow, we love our current home. But as much as we love it, we love new projects even more! Well, I love to plan them and Jeff loves to have something to do... so it works out.

We've been debating the order of 3 projects that we're planning to complete before we move out of the house... And need a little help. So let us know what you think should be next in the Wedded Whittaker Project Poll! Here's a quick run-down:

1. Add a carport. Jeff already upgraded our parking situation by pouring a concrete parking pad for double-car use at the the top of the driveway last year. Now he is really hoping to get a carport up for extra storage and to keep our paint finishes safe (well, mine at least)

2. Remodel the exterior. While we love our home, the exterior leaves us less than excited. Whenever we decide to sell, some curb-appeal will be majorly needed. Currently, the front of our house is brick, vinyl siding, and fake stone... yikes! We plan to rely heavily on my dad for brainstorming an architecturally correct solution for this issue.

3. Convert the porch to a sunroom. While probably the most involved of all projects, this one would seriously add years to our ability to stay in the little house. We're thinking french doors off the kitchen into the sunroom, tile floors (yay for laminate going out with this too), and an exterior entry with a little doggie door for Miss Ellie to come in and relax while we're at work (without having entirely free roam).

Now that you've seen the options, tell us what you think! Although I can't guarantee that the voters' favorite will be the ultimate winner, I can safely say that the new project will bring some Jeff posts in the spring (finally!)


  1. I vote for the sunroom addition! I watch enough home renovation, Sell This House type shows to know you can spruce up a place, increase curb appeal, quickly and cheaply. The sunroom will 1) take the longest 2) give you guys the most joy while you're still living there. I love your idea of asking your loyal blog readers to vote. Too cute!