Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Purchase

Last week I fell in love with this settee on i suwannee. I've decided to plan a trip to Raleigh to visit the store soon... Who else is with me?

Then this was on Charlotte Craig's List (for almost a month):

The shape is so similar! I think that the love seat will look a lot better reupholstered in a fun pattern (not highlighter yellow). So we got it for the living room... and Jeff wondered if I would ever stop purchasing furniture.


  1. We really need to take an upholstering class or something. Do they offer those?

  2. Well apparently the company in Charlotte that offers them is $1592 for 8 days. And that's for the Upholstery 101 class!

    Maybe we should just go to Modern Fabrics and make some pillows.

  3. Love it! Also, check out this blog, you would like it. One of the writers lives in Charlotte.