Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project Roundup

As usual, we're working on and planning a million different projects right now... This weekend was a nice jumble of them all.

For our home, I'm still working through these ideas for the living room. I made a trip early Saturday morning to the fabric mecca that is Mary Jo's in Gastonia, and I found the P. Kaufmann Suzani fabric I need for living room pillows. A few other places carried it for around $26 per yard (yikes!) and on back order, but MJ's had it in stock for $10 less per yard... My budget thanks you!
Although I almost spent my savings on these fabrics... Until rationality took over, and I realized that I'd have nothing to do with them.

I also picked up this mirror from Home Goods for a grand total of $35. Hopefully it will get a nice coat of 'Safety Red' this weekend, to add a little punch to the dining area in the kitchen.

Finally, we made the trek up to the mountains of North Carolina on Sunday - to Gerton to be specific. My dad is working on a mountain house project, and we've been helping out with some painting, cabinet finishing, and other little details. It's seriously amazing how much difference a coat of paint can make. We're hoping that 1 more day of work will finish up our portion of the project... Then a few before/afters on the blog.
On a sad note, when we made said trip to Gerton I neglected to check the weather... And I left the cute desk (for our bedroom) that I've spent 2 weekends painting outside on the porch. And it rained. A lot. So much, in fact, that the desk is going to need a little more work... lesson learned.

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