Monday, March 15, 2010

Sneak Peak...

Here is a little sneak peak at our exterior home plans. My dad sketched these out and emphasized that they are rough drafts - just to get his ideas down.

Despite his protests, I couldn't resist sharing. I've always wanted to live in a home that my dad designed, and even this exterior remodel is exciting for me.

{note that this is just a small section the house plan, and the picture quality is a little blurry since my dad only does hand-drawn plans, so it was taken with my camera phone}

We're already planning for some adjustments, like making the front porch bigger to fit a swing or a few rocking chairs. Overall though, isn't it gorgeous?!

If you notice in the picture of our house currently, to the far right is a brick wall that juts out (and we're not really sure why it's there).

In order to make this look more purposeful, we're mirroring the wall on the other side of the windows in the living room, and then again in the guest room. Both the living room and guest rooms windows would be replaced with a set of 3 cottage windows (much bigger than what we have currently in either room).

We're also bringing down the level of the brick, adding baton (wooden siding) vertically, and a small copper (or most likely copper look-alike to save $) roof above each set of 3 windows in order to draw the eye upwards, making our house look less long and skinny, and much more vertical.
My dad and I are pushing painting the brick and baton the same color to give the house a more unified look, then possibly adding some stone accents... still trying to sell the hubby on that one though.
Even though these plans are rough drafts, I'm loving the direction towards a cottage look!