Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I have a shopping problem... And no, Jeff, I don't mean that I spend too much money (even if you disagree). It's that I don't spend money on what I actually need.

Right now, and pretty much always, I need some new clothes... for work, for going out... basically anything other than my new favorite: black sweatpants.

I recently realized that all of my latest pictures on Facebook feature me in same black sweater, jeans, and black flats. I haven't worn much else since I purchase the sweater and flats in the fall (so embarrassing).

But am I eyeing any new clothes for my purchases? Of course not. Instead, I want this, with my new monogram.
And of course you remember this...

And then one of these for good measure...

Might as well add these, while I'm at it...

And last, but not least, this... sigh

Trending heavily away from clothes, and - surprise - heavily towards home goods. None of which I actually need, but then again, I've never been much of a fashionista.

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  1. buy something green for this weekend! i will go shopping with you tonight if you want!