Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunroom Start

Jeff is continuing to make lots of sunroom progress (I won't even pretend that I have helped, outside of a few minutes on the ladder to snap chalk lines).  Being oh-so resourceful, Jeff is saving the banister that was previously on the back porch for when we add a front porch eventually.  But for now, the porch has been stripped down (ready to frame up walls), ceiling taken down, insulation added & ceiling put back up, floor pressure washed, and batten strips added to cover where the pieces of bead board on the ceiling meet.

It currently looks like this...

 And this morning, our windows arrived!  That means framing this weekend and more progress pictures next week. 

In the meantime, I'm still considering what items of furniture will be shuffled around the house to decorate said future room.  One thing is for certain, there is no shortage of couches in this house!  Which is pretty good, considering I'm tentatively planning to move almost all of them (you really can't be surprised by this, right?)

Remember the original living room couch...

Which was moved to the office last year and slipcovered...

And will live the rest of it's life in our current house in the sunroom...  The location is a definite, but I can't seem to decide whether to decorate around the purple (given that the sunroom will be very bright) or keep the slipcover (until I can scrap & save pennies to reupholster one day... in a galaxy far away)

What do you think?  Should your entire house be kept to the same color palette?  Or can I have red in the living room and purple in the sunroom?

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  1. I've had many a conversation with Alex about ideas I have that "don't go with the house" (like painting the bathroom bright coral...) His opinion is that the house should have a cohesive style and color palette...I'm sort of with him because having each room a totally different style and color could look like a fun house. BUT if you're using all the same style of decorating and family of colors, I think it will look really good. He's the real amateur interior designer in the family though!