Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keep It Fresh, Part 2

I’ve mentioned decorating in a traditional style without feeling stuffy before. But I continue to look around our traditional-style house and think of ways to keep our home from becoming just that… especially after seeing Bijou and Boheme's home, featured on Two Ellie recently.

I’d love to swap out our current living room TV stand for a mid-century modern credenza, like they did...

Perhaps this one from Craig’s List?

I also love their Lucite chair in the living room…

Perhaps I could replicate on the cheaper side with either a coffee table, or the Tobias chair from Ikea…

And while we're on the subject, I’m totally inspired by Bryn’s reupholstered wing back chairs... What an amazing spin on the traditional wing back!  Plus you can easily find this style on Craig's List for under $50... making the reupholstering not quite as budget unfriendly.

Sometimes I wonder if my mind will ever stop redecorating?  But then again, it's way more fun to imagine all the possibilities... Unless you're Jeff's never-ending house to do list!

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