Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For Sale?

Happy Wednesday!  I'm in the middle of my final two weeks of school for the semester, and in the middle of wrapping up multiple work projects before the holidays... Needless to say I'm more caffeinated and stressed than usual.

So for the third day this week... Lots of pictures and updates to come on sunroom progress and decorating! (hopefully by tomorrow)

But, in the meantime, have any of you successfully sold items of clothing/accessories on eBay, Craig's List, or Facebook MarketPlace?  I have a pair of Eddie Bauer riding boots (never worn, but from last year) that don't fit anymore. 

Any advice on selling, or whether I'd be able to recoup any of the original costs?  I took several dresses and a Coach bag to a local consignment shop last month - and got about $30 for them (40% of their selling price, ugh!).  So this time I'm hoping to cut out the middle man...

Tips, advice, and words of caution welcome!

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