Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top of 2010

Happy (almost) New Year!  2010 was an incredible year for us... We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday, toasted our one-year anniversary with a trip to San Francisco and Sonoma, visited NYC for the first time, enjoyed tons of beach trips, started our long-awaited sunroom project, and were fortunate enough to be part of so many friends' weddings too!

We are so thankful to have our little blog to document all our adventures in being newlyweds... and to all of you for actually reading it!  According to our stats, here are the top 5 Wedded Whittaker posts from 2010...

Honorary mention (aka 6):  Kitchen Cabinets
Even if Jeff will never agree with me, I had to include this fabulous idea for creating a custom cabinet look and adding open shelving.  It just barely missed the top 5 mark, coming in at number 6 (so you readers must have liked the idea too!)

This is still one of my favorite recipes... And I actually just made it for Christmas morning this year!  So easy and a must-try for serving overnight guests!

I loved having a holiday inspiration week!  Glad that so many of you found the ideas helpful in getting your homes ready for the holidays.  I am still having a hard time taking all my decorations down!

Our first ever linky party made number 3 on the list, and I couldn't be more excited!  I have to admit that I was worried about hosting, but it was really fun to link to other bloggers and see everyone's gorgeous decorating ideas!

2:  NYC: Part 2
I was shocked when I saw that part 2 of our New York City trip was the second most-read post this year!  Looks like everyone really does love the city!  Now to convince Jeff that we need a part 3 for next year...

1:  Framed Map Series
Definitely my favorite project of the year too!  I love how the final product came out, and it could not have been easier to pull together.  This is a great solution for a larger wall and can be made with such sentimental value (like ours of the city of New Orleans!)

Here's to 2011 being as happy and as full of family & friends and travels as the past year!

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  1. It is fun to see what the most popular posts are isn't it? I was shocked to see some of mine. Happy New Year!