Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bathroom Mirror

Way back in March, when we were picking out fabric for living room pillows, I picked up this mirror from Home Goods for $35.

It's original purpose was to hang in the dining area... Then over the console in our entryway... Then it sat under the bed in our guest room for a few months (full disclosure here).

I knew it was a good deal, and we would eventually have a use for it somewhere (my husband's favorite reason for me to buy something)  And I knew I wanted it 'safety red.'  So it only took me a few months to figure out that the perfect spot would be our guest bathroom!

I already had a few cans of Rust-Oleum's Safety Red on hand, so I just taped around the edges of the mirror and spraypainted.  I waited a day in between and lightly sanded before each coat.  There still ended up being quiet a bit of paint on the glass, but it was easy to remove with some Windex and a razor blade.

Here is the final result... 

Before and after:

I think the spray paint really updates the black & gold, and it looks so much better than the smaller, plain, unframed mirror that was in the bathroom before.  Overall, I'm really happy with how the mirror came out, and Jeff is glad it is no longer under the bed! 

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