Monday, April 11, 2011

Deciding on Desks

It's finally time (well, almost time) to move furniture into the sunroom!  By the end of this week, all the paint touch-ups and trim work should be finished!  And Jeff & I are already discussing our desk options.

I knew I wanted something 'open' that wouldn't take up a lot of visual space... So I've been gravitating towards sawhorse desks.  Originally, I planned to buy Ikea legs and add a cool old door or shutters with a piece of glass over the top.  Jeff wasn't too enthusiastic about the glass top, so on to Plan B (oh marriage compromise!)

Here are the current front-runners, within our small budget of course...

Or, the most cost-effective option, pairing either of these Ikea legs with a birch table top...

For some reason, I'm leaning towards a birch/ light wood finish with several of these options... What do you think?  Is the light wood too bleh?  The Ikea options also come in a white lacquer finish, but not sure if it would be over-kill with white walls in the room?

Feel free to pipe in with your two cents... Hoping to pick out our desk this weekend!

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