Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunroom Tile: Check!

This weekend we made major sunroom progress... Our floors went in!  Friday night, Jeff and I headed to Lowe's to purchase the tile and other materials.  We had gone back & forth so many time on what to do with the floors in this room.  Surprisingly, after pricing out several options (including stained concrete and cork), tile ended up being the most cost-effective.

So Saturday morning, Jeff went to work.  A huge thank you to Amy's husband for coming over bright & early and helping lay tile!  The floor was a little bumpy and uneven in spots, so it was time-consuming to lay the tiles straight and flat... But the guys did such a great job!  And another huge thank you to Jeff's dad and brother for cutting tiles and helping out over the entire weekend!

With our small crew of free labor, the floor was almost finished by Saturday afternoon.  A few more pieces on Sunday, and the floor was down!

And, because I owe you a few other updates, the door trim is also done and columns are finished...

{even Ellie's doggie door got a little trim}

Up next:  Installing the shoe mold, painting all the trim, touch up paint on the walls, and grout & seal the tile!  Fingers crossed that we finish up by next weekend... making it almost exactly 5 months from when we started!


  1. So much progress! It's looking good! I love Ellie's doggie door :)

  2. Yay! I can't believe how far it's come. Getting so close!!! :)