Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Advice

We finally found a great arrangement to include our new (large) leather chairs in the living room!  Jeff & I dragged furniture around, measured, and considered multiple options for two days...

Then my mama came over last night, and in literally 15 minutes had the furniture arranged perfectly (which coincidentally wasn't really that different from what we had with the recliner).

{before... with the dual recliner}

We should send this woman into politics... She can set you straight and give great advice like nobody's business.  I don't make decisions without her.  Seriously.

For example, I've been searching consignment shops and thrift stores high and low for the perfect oriental rug to overlay on our sisal in the living room.  I found a show-stopper, but it was unfortunately too small when we got it home (so back it went).

Then last week, I found one that looked perfect in the store and was definitely the right size... It had red's, navy's, and light blue's... Just the combination I was looking for!

I brought it home, put it in the room... And it just didn't do it for me.  It felt too dark.  So I called my mama.

And she told me:  Everything you get for your home should make you happy, every time you look at it.

See what I mean about the great advice?  It is so easy for me to be swayed by a sale, great price, or impulse-buying... But at the end of the day, our three-bedroom ranch doesn't have the room for things that make me feel so-so.

The rug went back to the store... To find a home with someone who feels ecstatic when they see it.  And I am keeping that solid mama advice in mind as I continue to find pieces that I absolutely love.  And looking is the most fun part anyway!

P.S. - Hallelujah!  I found the camera cords and will have non-iPhone picture updates from the living room and sunroom next week.  Happy weekend!

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