Friday, February 4, 2011

Fever of 103

Yes folks, I am referencing my current baby fever!  My oh my, how the past few weeks have been busy... I celebrated my college roommate's baby shower with friends... And then had to browse around Etsy for cute baby items...

Then we found out that our dear friends Ray & Amy are expecting!  And now the news that my blog friend Caroline & her husband are having their own bundle of joy!

And, as if that didn't have me bursting with happiness & baby-induced giddiness, I found out yesterday that my sweet friend Christine & her husband are due on their 3-year wedding anniversary in August (how wonderful is that?!)

So, for all the mommas-to-be...

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Some lovely weekend inspiration... And TONS of love & congratulations!  Also, be sure to check out ohdeedoh for more swoon-worthy nurseries & children's rooms!

P.S. - You can witness my last bout of the fever (about a year ago) here.

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  1. you're the best catherine! love the nursery inspirations!