Friday, February 25, 2011

Decor Dilemma

So the eggplant sofa is officially on Craigslist... Now just keep your fingers crossed that it sells!  Hubs & I made a deal that if it sells, I can get something else for the sunroom (if it doesn't, it obvs stays) 

I decided that even if we did cut the skirt off, it would still be too formal (and purple!) for how I envision the final space.  And it goes along with my new 'if you don't love it, get rid of it' motto.

I need some help sorting out my vision from here though...

Plan A:
The Inspiration:

Possible Furnishings:

{Ikea Karlstad}

Plan B:
The Inspiration:
{via Lonny}

Possible Furnishings:


So the question is: How 'sunroom-themed' should the room be decorated? Or should we decorate it just like an extra living space?

I'm kind of in love with the Craigslist (vintage!) bamboo couch, and for the cost-savings I could easily try sewing some off-white pillow covers for it... But I just don't know if I'll eventually wish it was decorated like a 'regular' room... Thoughts?

Take a vote in our poll on the right side of the blog... Help me decide, before another couch is purchased & then listed on Craigslist (just kidding, Jeff!)

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  1. Just bought the coffee table in image 1 for a client... LOVE it! I think despite really liking the bamboo frame craigs find, the karlstad provides more versatility. The tuxedo styling is so classic. Can't go wrong with either though!
    Anyways- love what you're up to! Following here and on twitter (@ECmothdesign) Happy Friday! :)