Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Electric

I know, I know... I've been behind in posting our sunroom progress!  Things have been moving right along over the past few weeks.  And since it's Valentine's Day, don't mind my gushing about how hubby is talented/ amazing/ skilled/ hardworking...  He has done such a great job on this project and devoted tons of weekend and after-work hours... Who doesn't love a handyman?

As a quick recap, last weekend was running electrical and running a gas line for our little corner heater.

In other words, almost two entire days of crawling around under the house... where Jeff also found a leaky pipe that required a few extra hours of repair time.  A huge thank-you (once again) to my father-in-law for fearlessly tackling our crawlspace along side Jeff. 

When they were finally out from under the house, the exterior lights were also installed... One on the deck-side of the sunroom, and one by the driveway-side entrance.

Next up?  Window trim, insulation, and drywall!

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