Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Chairs are Here!

Happy Wednesday!  Sorry for the little break... I turned in part one of my Capstone course deliverables last night (my portfolio).  Very exciting!  But needless to say, it has been taking up all of my time recently.

In more exciting news, I came home from class to find that my hubby had picked up our new living rooms chairs!  What?  You don't remember way back, when we scored these two leather chairs for free?  Well, they've been patiently waiting in my in-law's basement... And it was a total (very welcome) surprise to see them in our living room!

The only problem?  They are so much bigger in our little ranch than they seemed at my in-law's house!  So I need your help... Right now we have them arranged side-by-side, so that one blocks the fireplace corner.  That means you have to walk through the middle of the chairs to come into the living room (the old dual recliner blocked the middle section, and you walked by the fireplace to come in).

It also means that our end table is pushed back against the wall now, and one of the chairs is situated somewhat behind one side of the sofa...

Thoughts?  Obviously this isn't set up (you can see the old recliner in these pictures, currently living in the middle of the room), but does it look too cramped?

We're going to try to live with them for a few days to see how we feel...


  1. Totally unrelated to the chairs (which I love btw), do I spy paint swatches in the dining room?!

  2. Yes :) Much to Jeff's dismay... I want to repaint the dining room, living room & our bedroom! Thinking about starting it and just asking for forgiveness afterwards!